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Specimen preparation equipment

DTC manufactures different models of Specimen Preparation equipment.

►Specimen Marking machine model SMM 286

The machine is designed for the application of gauge length marks on tensile specimens
needed for the evaluation of the ultimate strain properties after the rupture of the specimen.
Applicable standards are EN 10002-1:2001, and ASTM E8-04.

Depending on the geometrical shape of the specimens the machine can be equipped with
specimen supports for round or rectangular cross sections.

Marking is performed in a fast automatic sequence with high precision.

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► Specimen Cutter model SC 199D

The apparatus is designed for precision cutting of test strips for consequent Hot tack- or tensile testing.
Specially well suited for thin films and laminates.

► Other Specimen preparation equipment available :
- precision milling machine for plastic materials specimen
- punching machines and tools for tensile specimens
- custom made machines and devices.