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Product information DTC Hot Tack Tester model HTT-300         

Modern packaging processes demand high quality packaging materials and exact knowledge of their processing properties. To meet the testing requirements, DTC has developed the ideal testing instrument for evaluation of Heat Seal properties and processing parameters: DTC Hot tack tester model HTT-300.

The instrument is based on state-of-the-art electronics and software development, and over 30 years of practical experience in Heat Seal testing. It will satisfy the highest demands in testing versatility and precision, as well as high test production volume. The instrument is equally well suited for Research and Development as for Quality Assurance. The instrument and its testing procedure are approved for Testing of Heat Sealing Properties (Hot tack) acc. to ASTM F 1921, method B.


  • Clearly arranged controls and displays on the front panel
  • Specimens are simple whole-length straight cut strips for easy handling


  • Specimens are simple whole-length straight
  • cut strips for easy handling
  • Specimen feed and fold is automated
  • Specimen clamps are foot pedal controlled
  • Precision servo controlled pull actuator,
  • Rugged mechanical design
  • Overload protection for the load cell.


For occasional odd tests and check functions, controlled by key pad with LED indication.


  • Easy accessible and service friendly, state-of-the-art electronic circuitry
  • Fully opto-isolated digital and analogue in/out ports for high reliability and signal integrity.


  • MicroSoft Windows7 / 10 user friendly operator interface
  • USB connection to PC
  • DTC test software Wintack featuring
  • Intuitive graphic presentation of each test provides immediate acceptance decision for the operator
  • Numeric capture of the Hot tack value
  • Cursor for capture of specific values and energy absorption of the peel process
  • Database storage of test results and parameter sets
  • Customized routines for easy data transfer to MicroSoft Excel sheets for numeric and graphic test reports - both single batch tests and comparative presentation of several tests
  • Customized Summary reports ready for presentation, three different formats included
  • Powerful diagnostic routines for service.

Other features

  • Sealing of different materials together possible, both flexible and /or stiff materials
  • Sealing with two different seal bar temperatures possible.

Main Specifications

Sealing temperatures: ambient....400º C
(with PTFE covers: ambient....250º C)
Sealing time 0.05......60 s
Sealing force 10........250 N
Delay time 0.05......60 s
Peel speed 5.........400 mm/s
Hot tack force ranges:
0 – 10, 0 – 100 N selectable,
accuracy < 0.25 % o.r.

Test Graph


  • Outside cooling dwell before pulling

  • Trim seal (edge seal) tools
  • Impulse sealing accessories
  • Tensile test module for measuring cold seal strength and materials properties
  • Air pre-heating of the sealing interface
  • Specimen cutter SC199
  • Custom seal bars
  • Hardware & software for testing according to ASTM F 1921- Method A
  • Service and Calibration Kit available for Customer´s in-house maintenance and periodic calibration

Result table

Summary report (one of 3 different presentations shown)