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Welcome to DTC

Dynamic Testing Consultants

DTC is dedicated to the development, production, and marketing of
specialized laboratory equipment for physical testing of materials,
components, and products.
We do not just sell products. We provide solid test solutions based
upon proven technology and experience, combined with high
quality, technical advising and services.

DTC – the home of the well known DTC Hot tack tester.
Talk to us about Hot tack testing and gain from our knowhow.


Hot Tack Tester
Instruments for testing Heat Sealing properties of flexible-, semi flexible- and stiff packaging materials, roofing membranes, etc.
and for simulation of packaging processes

Specimen preparation equipment
● Specimen marking machines
● Specimen cutting apparatus
● other specimen preparation equipment

Test rigs for components, products, materials,
● electro-mechanical test rigs
● electro-hydraulic test rigs
● electro-pneumatic test rigs

LCF test machines for
● miniature electronic assemblies, soldered circuits, miniature specimen,
in ambient or controlled atmospheric conditions,
● materials specimen under ambient or elevated temperatures

Creep testing equipment
● servo-controlled test equipment
● mechanical weight loaded equipment

Custom designed test equipment